Acca Kappa Beard Brush

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Beard Brush made from precious Wengè wood, hand-finished. 

Ergonomic handle grip, pure bristles of the finest quality. 

Brush polishes and detangles the beard, keeping it healthy and strong. 

Use brush to evenly distribute softener and restructuring fluid on your beard.

For a healthy, bright and strong beard - Acca Kappa's Barber Shop Collection 

A collection completely dedicated to the health and care of beards and mustaches. Formulated with natural ingredients such as Vegetable Keratin, Extract of Moringa, Lavender, Sage, Burdock & Ginseng, including the Oil of Argan, Sacha Inchi & Linseed, to strengthen, nourish and soften the beard, leaving it healthy, bright and strong.