Borotalco Talcum Powder - 500 gr.

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Talc Bortalco  500 gr (17.5 oz) 

Talc Borotalco is distinguished by the high quality of the powder it is made of; a safe and natural product that derives from the extraction, selection, drying, pulverization and decontamination of talc from the Italian mine of Val Chisone in Turin, whose mineralogical purity has proved to be among the first in the world.

Borotalco powder accompanies the Italians since 1904 with its unmistakable smell of Borotalco.  100% Italian Talc of fine natural powder that is characterized by the unparalleled quality of its formulation. 

- Absorbent, refreshing and velvety properties 
- Leaves skin pores naturally breathable 
- Ideal for multiple uses on the skin of adults and children 
- Also suitable for sensitive skin

When we talk about talc and its dangerousness we usually refer to impurities or improper use of this product. Frequently in these cases Borotalco is used as a synonym of category (not referring exclusively to the brand), generating unnecessary alarmism and misinformation. Borotalco, always attentive to the health of children and adults, uses only high quality talcum powder and purity, subject to strict and continuous checks.