Brave Soldier Athletic Skin Care
Brave Soldier

Healing and protecting your skin.  

A Southern California Dermatologist with an avid sense of adventure embarked on this mission to utilize the knowledge of how our skin heals itself to create a unique formula to help heal wounds faster, with less pain, and reduced scarring.

Beginning with a base formula originally developed for laser surgery, Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment was created. Pure ingredients such as tea tree oil, one of nature's strongest antiseptics along with cutting edge advances in dermatological science and clinical wound healing procedures helped secure the Brave Soldier brand.

We began to bring the concept of athletic skin care to sports competitions across the country and listened.  We learned and slowly, new products began to evolve. New products born out of necessity.

Today, Brave Soldier Athletic Skin Care remains true to our original vision. We continue to formulate our products with the best ingredients and to provide our products at a reasonable price.  Our products have been featured in Esquire, Allure, USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine, and Men's Health.  Brave Solder is the Official First Aid Antiseptic Skin Care Brand of SPARTAN.

As we develop new products, we continue to be motivated by necessity. We listen to our customers and try to meet their needs. Our focus remains on the bedrock of Brave Soldier; the healing and protection of your skin.

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The Brave Soldier Team