Black Pepper Fragrance Diffuser

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Cuore di Pepe Nero / Black Pepper Fragrance DIffuser   Large Size:  250 ml (8.8 oz.) 

Cuore di Pepe Nero, From Tuscany, an intense and striking fragrance with citrus and spicy notes with an aromatic woody and amber heart. 

The "Heart of Black Pepper” fragrance is the result of an extensive quest for the perfect fragrance for men.  Black Pepper has always been recognized as the king of spices and it's intense and evocative aroma radiates as soon as picked.  Sensual, mysterious and warm tones give an enjoyable sense of well-being.  In reality, the essence has energizing powers, toning and refreshing effects, along with stimulating and revitalizing properties providing a vigorous pleasurable feeling.

Made in Italy by Erbario Toscano, a brand known worldwide by devotees of the Tuscan style. Its products for body and hair care, perfumes and home fragrances deliver Tuscany to intrepid fans around the world.

Made in Italy.  Shipped fast from Florida.