Emporio Italiano
WELCOME!! Benvenuti!!   Welcome to our online store featuring some of the most distinctive and original Italian made lines.   At Emporio Italiano ,  we strive to offer our U.S. and international customers products of high caliber, quality, design and distinctive image - Made in Italy. The Italians are known for creating beautifully refined goods. Here we feature fine grooming products.   Italy is Master....yes, Italians do have a handle on producing the finest of wares!!  Emporio Italiano's grooming, home and specialty products fit right in with the Italian way  of life. So welcome again!  We are the direct importers of most of our products, thus we are able to offer you incredible savings.  We are located in Boca Raton, Florida, and we ship directly to you throughout the United States and around the world.  Shipping & Returns More
Good day.  Welcome to our new marketplace, currently featuring nine personal care brands from Italy, shipped same-day from Florida by Emporio Italiano. We are developing as a worldwide marketplace for intrepid grooming brands, new and old.  Please keep an eye on us as we work to deliver an ever compelling reflection of today's offerings.