Brave Soldier Code Blue

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After a shave, wax, or sunburn, this cooling gel soothes the burn and dramatically reduces skin irritation. Helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps and greatly improves skin's appearance, leaving you with a healthy, clean glow.  Gentle and effective.  Use it cold for an unparalleled soothing experience.

Featured in Esquire, Los Angeles Magazine, Men's Health, Endurance and more, this botanically enhanced aloe gel provides a cooling silky film to helps reduce burn and shaving bumps.  Excellent on sunburn and acne prone skin. 

Brave Soldier's athletic skin care product formulations have been developed by a successful Southern California Dermatologist with an avid sense of adventure and knowledge of how our skin heals itself.  All of Brave Soldier's unique formulas and products are born out of necessity.

Here are Code Blue's key ingredients and their function:

Lidocaine:  Topical pain reliever, gently and temporarily numbs the skin 

Aloe Vera Gel 10X:   Super concentrated Aloe Vera extract, hydrates, protects, and relieves the skin

Vitamin E:   Anti-oxidant that helps prevent free radical damage caused by the sun and other environmental effects

Tea Tree Oil:   Antiseptic and antibacterial properties promote clear skin complexion

Menthol:   Stimulates your cold-sensing nerve endings to help cool the skin

Eucalyptus Oil:   Reduces redness and irritation of the skin

Salicylic Acid:   Promotes a healthy complexion and helps reduce bumps and redness brought on by acne

Easy tip cap for clean application 

Brave Soldier.  Beyond Limits.