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'Calliope' Goddess Line Fine Boxed Soap

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Named for Calliope - the Muse who presided over eloquence and epic poetry and often recognized as the Chief of all Muses.

The soap's fragrance is rich and sophisticated, but at the same time soft and delicate. The fruity, green top note of bergamot and slight notes of raspberry, also recalls water fruits and cliff shrubs. The body note is floral of precious rose flowers and jasmine still in bud and with a very slight note of marine air.The base note is clean, musky, warmed by woody notes of cedar, sandalwood and guaiac.

The soaps are packaged in elegant white boxes engraved with metallic foil and make an excellent gift presentation.

Saponificio Varesino organic vegetable soap bars are vegan-friendly and produced exclusively from coconut oil with no palm oil, chemical preservatives or chelating agents.
Product size: 4.4 oz (150g)