Dolomiti Shaving Soap: Special Edition Beta 4.3

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This special edition shaving soap is presented in an anthracite-colored aluminum tin with an intricately stamped metallic label in antique brass. The triple-milled hard soap is intended to be used with a shaving brush.

The  edition features the characteristic fragrance of the collection and uses our 'Beta 4.3' formulation - a further step forward in the evolution of our shaving soap in pursuit of enhanced lubrication and protection during the shave and enhanced post-shave skin feel.

The renewed formulation includes 'Limo' from the Dolomites - a mixture of clays and mineral sediment from the Western Italian Alps. This prized material is enriched with Vitamina A, E and B-Carotene to give this soap strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Product size: 5.3 oz (150g); 90mm diameter