HELAN Vetiver & Rum Shaving Foam

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HELAN Vetiver & Rum: Shaving Foam  200 ml (6.7 oz)

The softening and nourishing properties of Jojoba and sweet Almond oils make this shaving foam very rich and creamy. It gives the skin moisture, softens facial hair and helps the razor glide softly over the skin without causing irritation; for a perfect shave. The St. Jones wort and Butcher’s Broom extracts and Bisabolol from Camomile reduce chapping and redness, offering relief even to the most sensitive skin.

The HELAN brand, founded in 1976 by a young university researcher, sprang from a natural vocation that came from a philosophy of life long before it was a choice of production.

HELAN’s products are the union of nature and research, made from natural raw materials treated with the scientific precision used in research laboratories.  All HLEAN projects are strongly rooted in the firm belief of botanic activity expressed in quality active ingredients.